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We tested eight of the best photo editing software packages available in , choosing from a combination of single-payment and subscription services from Adobe, Corel, CyberLink, Serif and more. We consulted a professional photographer to add comment on our choices, our products were tested and reviewed by a photographer, and we analyzed over user reviews to bring you our independent, expert guide to photo editing software. If you stop paying every month, the software stops working.

Adobe is a big name in the image-editing world, but by no means the only one. There is a range of software out there, which take a number of different approaches to image editing. Watch out for how well they run on the kind of computer you own – while some can be relatively lightweight, others can require more processing power, or even a dedicated graphics processor, to make the best of them.

One of the best external hard drives might be a wise purchase too. To help you find the best photo editing software for you, we spoke to David Morgan, Creative Director at CyberLink, to find out what he suggested.

Morgan says: “Find an editor that makes sense to you, that can allow you to create very easily in the beginning so you can feel that rush of making some thing and not get bogged down by anything overly complicated. He also notes that when it comes to choosing a particular editor for yourself, you should be lead by your own creativity. For me however, I think the most important thing when starting any new creative endeavor is simply to create, create and create. Adobe Lightroom CC is that perfect blend of accessible, powerful, and cost effective that we look for in photo editing software.

It has all the tools you need to enhance, organize, and publish your photos, and the basic editing functions will allow you to clean up imperfections, crop and skew photos, and remove any unwanted elements. It has features for enhancing specific areas, boosting colors in skies and foreground objects, and extremely powerful auto-correction options for amateurs and beginners. New with the latest update are a great range of presets filters for your photos, a super resolution option that allows you to inflate images to large-print size without losing clarity, and the ability to collaboratively edit.

There are minor improvements too, like custom crop sizes, but those are the standout features. Adobe Lightroom gets an impressive 4. There are low numbers complaining of crashes. On the Google Play Store it gets 4. Workflow history and comparison options show you exactly what the effect is when you make changes, and we love the tutorials that explain all Lightroom’s functions.

Dig deeper and you can customize and save your enhancement process for batch editing, organize your images, export them to other apps like Photoshop and more. It’s incredibly versatile without ever being overwhelming. The companion app for phones and tablets is very impressive too. You can perform almost all the editing and enhancement functions via your phone – quickly and easily – and if you’re using the Creative Cloud version of Lightroom you’ll instantly have access to your library of edits.

The downside? It’s not as good for graphic design and image editing as Photoshop, but is unbeatable for enhancement. For full edits of images, design projects, and total overhauls of all kinds of graphics and design elements While Lightroom is more focused on photo enhancement, and editing on the move, Photoshop is the Adobe companion app that lets you change everything about your image.

From simple crops and level-changes through to layer-work, vectors, masks and total overhauls of subjects and background, Photoshop is the best at this kind of work.

Users are positive about Photoshop CC. Pricing is a key complaint, but overall people feel it scales well to tablet and that the changes to the core app are sensible. Early versions of the software were rated lower, so we have seen progress here. What’s more, Photoshop CC isn’t all that difficult to use, as there are tutorial videos, guided edits, and hints and tips built into the interface itself.

The main issue you’ll have it working out what tool achieves the effect you want to get. Want to integrate with graphics and text? Yes, you can do that too. Controversially, Photoshop is no longer available as a lifetime license, and only comes as part of Creative Cloud, which is the only real downside we see.

It’s quite expensive, but combine it with Lightroom in the Photography Pack, and you have every tool you need to make perfect photos and image projects.

The latest version of this photo editing software – PhotoDirector 12 – is a formidable app. It’s well priced, simple to use, and comes with an extensive set of tools to give your images a real wow-factor. It’s perfect for enhancing amateur photos, and pictures that form the basis of creative design projects and fun combination shots. PhotoDirector 12 is all about maximizing the potential of the image with as little difficulty as possible; from enhancing a simple selfie, all the way through to making surreal art and professionally-printed photography.

The fact that you get free access to thousands of Shutterstock images as part of your subscription is a serious bonus too! PhotoDirector 11 the previous version has an average score of 3. While most are happy with how easy the tools are to use, a number of people have complained about the download process and the poor support options. Some of these problems appear to be related to the Amazon download, however.

We will update this info when PD12 has been available a little longer. We love the value you get from PhotoDirector It’s a significantly lower price than the Adobe software packs, but you get most of the tools you need for all kinds of edits and a generous 50GB of cloud storage for your photos.

There’s a CyberLink app for smart devices too, which allows you to edit on the move via smartphone or tablet. It’s surprising how many options you get here. You can work in layers, and set masks and paths, and work on HDR images. You get access to a large library of stock images and music tracks for creative projects, and a whole bunch of pre-set filters and processes to make your edits easy.

The main downside is that PhotoDirector doesn’t offer the same standard and range of tutorial options, and it can be a little easier to over-edit an image than some of its rivals. Overall, though, it’s superb, and the version of PD12 comes with 50GB cloud storage too.

Corel PaintShop Pro is the newest, strongest version of the classic image-editing program. It’s very good, and gives the Adobe suite a run for its money, especially when it comes to value and ease of use for beginners we especially like the new workspaces. This software is very new, and only has five ratings on Amazon, but they are all 5-star.

Users praise the diversity of tools you get, and the long history of innovation PaintShop Pro enjoys. There are no user criticisms at this point, and we will update our User Review section when more comments are available.

You don’t lack for features with PaintShop Pro either. Everything you’d expect to find is here; from basic editing tools that allow you to crop, enhance, and remove blemishes from a photo, all the way through to advanced features like layers, masks, HDR edits, and creative filters.

While the AI driven enhancement tools aren’t quite as accurate or effective as the Photoshop and Lightroom versions, they’re still very good. The only real downsides here are that there’s no Mac version and, while it is a very advanced program, it’s also very draining on system resources.

If you’re looking to edit across multiple devices, you should choose something else, as this is a single-use license, and there is no companion app for mobile or tablets. Affinity Photo is one of the lesser-known brands in photo editing, but it’s also one of the best. You get an incredibly versatile editor with Affinity, and it near-rivals Photoshop for power and range of tools.

The main downside is that it isn’t as easy to use, and there are fewer tutorials, so it will take some learning before you’re proficient. G2’s users have Affinity Photo on a respectable 4.

Many users note that it’s superb for photo editing and manipulation, but that it isn’t as good for illustration projects. Some even rate it above the Adobe programs, which is high praise. Affinity is designed to be used across devices, and works especially well for iPad and across the Apple ecosystem.

While we really like the desktop version, it comes alive on a tablet or professional drawing surface. Many of the tools in Affinity are designed for full creative projects, so if you’re looking for a simple photo enhancer this is perhaps overkill. It claims to be the only photo editor that has a full bit HDR working process, which is good if you’re working with High Dynamic Range imagery and projects, and it has all the features you’d expect like layer working, photo editing, and photo stitching.

Looking to get started in photo editing, and some basic graphic design? Photoshop Elements is a good starting point, as it offers a range of workspaces that will take you from pure beginner through to intermediate and advanced user. This is basically a stripped-back version of Photoshop CC, with a handful of the more advanced features missing, and a few more tools specifically targeted at a more casual audience. Photoshop Elements gets a 4.

However, negative reviews note that it won’t work on older computers, and that there are problems installing it via the product key. We like that you start out with the Basic workspace, and work up to Expert, which contains things like layers, transformation tools, and other features more advanced users will take advantage of. There are no vector tools as you’d find in other Adobe programs, but most beginners won’t be using these anyway.

It even has a bunch of text editing tools, and is capable of HDR editing and panorama creation. Luminar AI is a leftfield choice for the best photo editor. Its developer, Skylum, has been producing the Luminar series for a while – the main series is at version 4 – and has been gradually integrating AI-powered tools into it in the same way Adobe has been adding Sensei-backed tools, such as context-aware clears and fills – into Photoshop.

Being a new release, there are only two user ratings on Apple’s App Store so far, but they’re both five-star. It’s available there as a seven-day free trial, something not offered by the official store. What sets Luminar AI apart, however, is that it inverts the usual balance. The AI part comes from the way the app analyzes your images, identifying parts such as eyes for reshaping, and noisy areas for smoothing.

There are a few traditional tools, such as cropping, but here the AI takes its place too, suggesting crops and ratios to show off your images to their best. ACDSee Photo Studio is an app that comes in many versions and offers many different ways to pay for it.

Overall, ACDSee gets positive reviews from several user review sites, and has an average score of 4. People praise the speed at which it runs, and the organization features. It seems to rate better among beginner and light users, than more advanced photographers. Where ACDSee lets itself down is in the complex nature of its offerings. There are three versions of the main app – Home, Professional and Ultimate – while older versions are still hanging around too, especially the Mac app.

You can subscribe to the Home Plan, but this contains the Ultimate version of the software rather than the Home one, plus you get extra apps thrown in and some cloud storage too. The Professional version needs to be paid for as a one-off purchase.

Generally speaking, we recommend a more powerful computer for photo editing, as most of the programs you’ll find require significant system resources.



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