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Version: 1. I will post threads every time a guide is updated, a new guide is posted, a new review is posted, and other occasional updates on how my progress is going. If you want to stay up-to-date on the newest guides for Nintendo et. Welcome to Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Whether you’re familiar with the series or a newcomer to animal villages, everyone can find help in this guide alike; this guide should be your one-stop destination for everything from getting started as mayor to figuring out which two flowers make a blue rose–from the basic walkthrough content to the extra information tidbits.

On top of that, New Leaf has the privelage of being the handheld version; the handheld versions tend to be much more enjoyable due to their closer relation to you and their portability. Well, that’s enough of my mini-analysis; let’s get moving onto navigation! This is something almost everyone new to Animal Crossing asks me!

The dry definition is the following: Animal Crossing is a real-time virtual reality game, which means that you control your own avatar in an environment that progresses in cognito with real time. But there’s a lot more to Animal Crossing ; firstly, Animal Crossing for me tends to be more than the sum of a lot of parts.

Then there are the out-of-the-ordinary, every-once-in-a-while tasks: going to someone else’s town, redecorating your house, going fishing, catching bugs, going diving, heading to the island, renovating your town, starting community projects, and other mayoral duties.

So, your presence in New Leaf is basically you running a town without dealing all of that messy, undesirable real-life stuff like work, school, and in-laws. This is my one paragraph of fame if only it took you fifteen minutes to read it I’ve been writing guides for a little over a year, and I believe this is my ninth complete guide on GameFAQs. I usually stick to first-party Nintendo guides because I actually know what I’m talking about, but I will write for the occasional PC or third-party game.

I’m an entering university student, researcher, videogaming journalist, and, of course, guide-writer! Well, that’s enough about me–what about the guide?

Animal Crossing as it gets. And, to be honest, that’s the bane of a guide-writers existance. It means that we can’t sit here and tell you to follow a walkthrough from point A to point B, and we can assume that it covers everything you need to know. That’s part of the reason why this guide is “formatted” with hyperlinks and html markup instead of being plain-text like Liquefy’s FAQ.

Anyway, I basically divide this guide into two big sections in my head: the “Walkthrough” section, encompassing debt repayment, making money, and other mayoral duties, and the “Appendices,” covering everything from furniture to fish. You can skip to any particular section you please with the Table of Contents to the right. Of course, please do realize that the Walkthrough sections do not tell you to do X, Y, and Z; rather, they inform you as to what progression does occur, and various methods to reach the end of said progression.

If you ever notice any inaccuracy in the guide, please let me know via Contributing. I strive to create a comprehensive and accurate guide, so I would very much like to hear if I’m wrong. When you first start up your new Animal Crossing file, you’ll be sitting in a trolley.

If you’ve played previous games, this part should seem familiar. Anyway, Rover, the red-shirted cat, will come up to you and ask to take a seat. Rover will then ask your name, which you should enter.

Remember that everyone you play with over Wifi will see this name, so plan accordingly. You cannot change your name. He yes, Rover is a he will then ask you where you’re going, prompting you to name your new village. Again, you cannot change this name either. Rover’s never heard of the town you’re going to, so he will show you a variety of maps of towns along the train line. He has four maps from you to choose from, and you can cycle through them if you choose “Nope!

These maps are randomly generated, so you can start over if you don’t like any of the maps to get some new maps. Here I have a quick word about town layouts. Many Animal Crossing veterans are, uh, picky about their town layouts–and for good reason.

You’re stuck with your town layout for the rest of your town’s life. It is imperative you enjoy your layout. Here are some basic factors to look for when considering choosing your map:. After you decide which map best fits your town, Rover will start asking you a few questions about the town to which you’re heading and why you’re heading there.

These questions determine the appearance of your character. The following table describes which answer options lead to which appearances. Choose wisely! Rover will now leave you be as you arrive in your new town. Stepping out of the train station, a yellow dog and her cadre of villagers will greet you.

These villagers are among the many in your new town. Anyway, the dog will introduce herself as Isabelle, your assistant. By the way, you’re mayor. Yeah, so, as mayor, Isabelle will invite you to your new workplace: Town Hall.

Using your map, follow Isabelle to the town hall. Once there, Isabelle will realize that you have nowhere to live and send you back over to Main Street. If you’re having trouble finding it, look for the blue shop with a leaf on its sign. Once you visit Tom Nook, he will tell you to choose a site for your house.

Tom Nook will inform you if your spot is unfeasible. Remember, you cannot move your house’s location. Once you place your house, Tom Nook will give you a temporary living space: a tent. This tent will serve as your home until tomorrow when your house will be finished. Also, your tent does not allow you to place furniture items on your wall, nor does it allow you to place wallpaper or carpeting. After you get your homy little, uh, tent set up, you should head back to your town hall to consult Isabelle.

She will tell you that she needs your birthday also cannot be changed to finish your residency form. Isabelle will then invite you to the plaza where you will plant your ceremonial tree!

This tree will represent the growth of your town–the little sprout in the middle can eventually be the largest tree in town! Anyway, after the ceremony, you’re basically free for the rest of the day.

You can go fishing, find seashells, catch bugs, mingle with your neighbors, and so on. However, if you want to score a few more collectibles, talk to Isabelle at the Town Hall. Isabelle has a series of suggestions with regards to starting your tenure as mayor. Here are her tasks in the order that they should appear:.

That finishes up all of Isabelle’s tutorials–now what? Well, now you’re free! For the most part, that is. There are certain objectives that you need to complete to get the game to advance. In order for you to actually get your house built, you need to visit Tom Nook on Main Street.

Once inside Tom Nook’s Real Estate Agency, he will tell you the down payment necessary to start construction and initiate your loan. The total comes out to be bells. Yep, bells! Don’t worry, I’ll give you some basic “starting-out” tips on making money at the beginning. Firstly, harvest all of the sea shells along the ocean and sell them to either Re-Tail the pink recycling center in your town or Nookling’s.

Either option is viable. You can also shake trees in your town to find bells. Another option is to get furniture and sell it by “get” furniture, I mean either get it from neighbors through favors or find it in trees; buying and selling nets you a loss. Finally, the most realistic way to attain bells quickly is to simply catch bugs and fish! Bugs and fish can fetch anywhere from five bells to fifteen-thousand bells, though the average is usually around three-hundred.

See the appendices for more complete info on individual shells, fish, bugs, and other content. After you reach that bell down payment, give it to Tom Nook to start construction. Your house won’t be done til tomorrow, so that leaves you the rest of the day to do whatever you want. This means you can build up funds, make some patterns, go shopping, play with friends, beautify your town, or make small talk with your neighbors. So, the rest of the day is left for you to do whatever you want!

You should start saving up bells, in my opinion, or you can take a break. The next phase starts tomorrow. After your first day, you should have since gained an actual house! You can walk back inside your house to discover a more Isabelle will come visit you and bestow you with a Paw-Print Wallpaper. You can throw it on the wall, but I actually think it looks a bit gaudy.

But, then again, what do I know. Anyway, Isabelle invites you over to the Town Hall. Here, you should check in with her.



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